A little redecorating

I've discovered templates and text colors and the like. Things are looking different around here. I don't know of it's better...but it's different. Sometimes that's better.

Just read the first issue of Nonplayer. I know, I'm behind the curve. Gorgeous, clean art. Plus it's interesting to read a book by another guy in the game industry.

If you've never read check it out. You'll thank me. I accept thanks in both verbal and monetary form.

Check out the Nonplayer preview here.


Head Shots

Once more the Egg PR machine lurches awake! Here are some roughs from the new issue. I've been drawing a bunch of more actiony panels (perspective....ugh...tired....). It was fun to get back to some simple head shots. Check 'em out.

The many emotions of comic book creation:


Weary Frustration



Egg's First Review!

Dear Internet,
It's almost summer and the fog is about to hit sunny San Francisco. Progress on Egg 4 *is* progressing..see? Proof!

Meanwhile, here's a review of Egg by Thomas Hurst over at geek2eak. He says some positive things (spoiler alert), so obviously he's a man of refined tastes.


Seriously though, I'm very grateful he took the time to read the book and review it. It's nice to be reminded that people I'm not directly related to have read this thing. Even nicer, is the feeling that this story might be resonating with people.


Egg at Wondercon

I would have to say the first day of Wondercon was a success! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table. Extra thanks to those who bought the book!

Also, check out the size of that poster...huge!