Emanata - comics for your Ipad

What a world of communication we have.  I've talked to people about this.  I've tweeted about it.  I think I facebooked it.  I might even have hit up a pager about it.  Now, I'm blogging it.

Anyway, the "this" in question is emanata.  It's a supercool app for the Ipad that let's you read comics.  For free.  With your finger and your eyeballs.  If this is the sort of thing you are interested in, you should check it out.  Did I mention you can read Egg #1 for free on this thing?  I didn't.  Now I did, and you can, and you should.

I'm off to write this down with a quill pen on parchment, jam it in a bottle, and toss it in the frigid Pacific over at Ocean Beach.  Just to cover all my communication bases.


Suddenly: Crazy Amounts of News

Dear Internet,

Yes it's been awhile.  Yes I always start posts in this way.  Ok, but this time things are different.  There is actual news.  There have been developments.  What sort of developments?  How about the fact that there is a new little dude on the production team, my son Om!

Omi is apparently a very big fan of Egg and Egg-related merchandise and we all applaud his team spirit.

More updates coming soon!


oh right...I was working on a comic book

Dear Internet,

I just remembered...I was working on a comic book. That's how it feels anyway. After a very long hiatus, I have tentatively but officially picked up the ol' blue pencil again. It's just like riding a bike. A bike that makes pictures.....

Also, Happy New Year.


ps. Here's a photo of a Christmas tree made of guns I saw today: