Spider Man (and his amazing arms)

Dear Internet,

Ok, now we are getting somewhere.  This is a comic creator's blog, after all.  Let's see what Kid Me thought of Spiderman.

Ok, one thing:  he thought long and hard about Spiderman's arms.  Man, look at those things.

I loved Spiderman.  He was my Favorite Superhero after my Batman phase (I'll refrain from going into the details of my Batman phase).  

He had a lot going for him, that guy.  He was strong.  He was acrobatic.  Unlike Batman, he had actual super powers (I know a lot of people love that about Batman, but for me it seemed cooler to be objectively superhuman).  Most importantly, he was a smart alec.  I dreamed of having the presence of mind to actually say something witty in high pressure situations.  In real life, I think I mostly stared.  Maybe sometimes I got in a good gape. 


The Sound of One Ghost Knocking

Dear Internet,

Well, what is there to say about this one? 

I can talk about what I like.  I like that the Trick-Or-Treater is knocking on a Cubist house's Cubist door.  I like that you're not entirely sure in which direction said door will open.  Or is it open already?  I like that this kid is all alone and there's no sense of frivolity.  There are no other kids.  There's barely a house.  No one is having fun.  There are no decorations. 

Is this a kid trick or treating or is it a ghost haunting the front stoop?

Deep.  This one is deep.