Egg is online!

Check it out everyone. It's online! Like for reals. Go to www.comixpress.com and you can order a shiny new copy of Egg #1 for your very own. Now I don't know if it's true, but I've heard the more copies you order the more attractive you are. I'm just saying... I mean, do you want to take that chance? Is that responsible?

Also, APE begins tomorrow. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions--nervous, excited, nervous excitement...the whole range.

There was a mixer thing tonight at the Last Gasp compound. It's a place we'd never been before. It's sort of an office/warehouse/gallery, meaning it's a pretty cool place. We (mysterious plural pronoun) attended earlier this evening. Here are some photos:

Bruce Lee with Fez

Sapna takes photo in front of wall of Art

Now for some sleep. Big day tomorrow.

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